The two souls
of Rioja

In 1889, when they left behind them the harsh conditions of
mountain village life, the family brought down to the valley an
ancestral knowledge acquired from years spent in the highland
prairies tending their flocks of sheep. They settled among the vineclad
landscape of the river bank areas and slopes, where they
learned the art of vine-growing, maintaining the character they had
forged over many years in the mountains. Since Catalina Martínez
arrived there, the “Corta” family has maintained a loyalty to this unique land.

Tradition and modernity in wines that embody La Rioja

Today, the essence of Martínez Corta is a fusion of the highlands
and the valley, the wild hills and the gentle lowlands, the world of
forests and that of vines. The two souls of Rioja are encapsulated in
the Corta family’s fascinating story and in their wines, which ooze
with life and truth. They are today made in a cutting-edge winery,
designed with an original octagonal floor surrounded by a vineclad
landscape and representing the culmination of generations of
tireless effort. This fusion of modernity with time-honoured tradition
embodies the spirit of the Martinez Corta brand.

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