The roots that unite us deepen over time. They reach out to stretch over the years, bringing together the past, the present and the future. Martínez Corta’s wines are rooted in tradition but also have an unequivocal contemporary character thanks to the introduction of innovative
wine-making techniques, together with a combination of 100-year-old vineyards and younger vines that provide the wines with complexity and their own individual character.

The vineyards cover some eighty hectares and are located in outstanding terroir between the Ebro and Najerilla rivers, where the humidity and landscape create a very special micro-climate, resulting in mild winters and hot, dry summers with great variations in temperature between day and night during the ripening period.

In this terroir, the soils are limestone and clay and very poor and healthy, which is perfect for vine-growing and ensures low-yielding and high quality crops. The vines also enjoy a south-facing exposure, which guarantees maximum sunlight. All of these factors, together with moderate amounts of rainfall, combine to produce very favourable climatic conditions for the vines, from the vine roots to the grapes.

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