Martínez Corta Unveils New Image and Launches a New Wine: Martínez Corta Reserva

The Rioja winery introduces a new corporate identity that pays homage to the family’s ancient trade as butchers, “cortadores,” which later gave rise to four generations of winemakers. Accompanying this rebranding is the introduction of a new wine: Martínez Corta Reserva.

Martínez Corta, part of the Grupo BORNOS Bodegas & Viñedos, is refreshing the image of the winery and its range of wines to convey the brand’s values and the story behind four generations of winemakers bearing the Martínez surname and the nickname ‘Corta’ in a more personal way.

“The new design references the family’s origin, the ancient trade of expert butchers, ‘cortadores,’ as they were known a century ago,” explain representatives from the winery.

This redesign pays tribute to the brand’s origins, dating back to the 19th century when Catalina Martínez, its founder, left her mountain village and moved to the valley to open a butcher shop in Uruñuela, among vineyards, in the heart of what is now La Rioja Alta. This entrepreneurial spirit eventually led them to plant their first vineyards and, generations later, to produce their own wine, dedicating themselves entirely to the vineyard and wine production.

Thus, the new labels of Martínez Corta encapsulate all the ancestral knowledge of the Rioja family, linked to herds, meadows, and their deepest roots. It represents a new, genuine, and personal identity that does not forsake the classicism and elegance typical of Rioja wines but adds an original and distinctive touch derived from the family’s unique history.

Martínez Corta Crianza, Ambassador of Change

Accompanying this rebranding is the new image of their existing Crianza, aged for twelve months in French and American oak barrels. It is the best ambassador of this new design, reflecting the Martínez Corta family’s tradition as butchers, harking back to the days when they traveled by motorcycle to deliver lambs across all corners of the Rioja lands.

With its deep cherry color with garnet rim and intense aromas of red and black fruits, floral and spicy notes, this wine is a faithful reflection of the family’s dynamic and lively character: flavorful, fresh, balanced, powerful, and structured.

New Release: Martínez Corta Reserva

Martínez Corta Reserva is the winery’s new release, also featuring the newly launched image, paying homage to the mischief of the young Cortas when they scared some ducks, an event that marked the family nickname for generations. This wine is aged for sixteen months in French oak barrels. It has a deep cherry color with high intensity, and its nose reveals notes of ripe black fruit, hints of black pepper, vanilla, coffee, and menthol nuances. The result is a flavorful, dense, broad, balanced, and powerful wine.

Cepas Antiguas

Martínez Corta boasts a range of wines rooted in tradition but with a distinct contemporary character, thanks to the use of innovative winemaking techniques and the combination of centenary vineyards and younger vines, giving the wine complexity and unique traits.

A total of eighty hectares are located in an exceptional area between the Ebro and Najerilla rivers, where the ambient humidity and soil characteristics create unique climatic conditions, a blend of mild winters and warm, dry summers with significant temperature variations between day and night during the ripening period.

The soil there is calcareous and clayey, poor and very healthy, ideal for vine cultivation, ensuring low-yield, high-quality harvests. Additionally, the south-facing orientation of the vineyards ensures maximum use of sunlight. All this, combined with balanced rainfall, results in climatic conditions that favor the good development of the vine, from the root to the grape cluster.

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