In the late 19th century, many inhabitants of
the Rioja mountains made their way down
to the valley in search of a better life. This
was the story of Catalina Martínez, who left
her tiny mountain village and settled among
the vineyards in Uruñuela in the heart of the
Rioja Alta region. Catalina was a highly-skilled “cortadora”, as a meat butcher was then called, and her tiny butcher’s shop quickly became successful and gained renown.

Four generations later, that spirit is still alive

Catalina quickly set about buying a few plots of vines. Alongside her sons, she began to make wine for the family. The vine-growing and winemaking activity was then expanded, and their wine business became as successful as their butcher’s shop. Their hard work and enthusiasm resulted in the creation of their own winery. Over those four generations, the family name had taken on the nickname “Corta”, a nod to the family’s original craft. Catalina’s vision lives on today in the family’s single-mindedness and most especially in their pursuit of excellence and belief in work well done, come what may.

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