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    Bodegas y Viñedos Martínez-Corta was born with the effort and work of a family devoted to the world of wine for four generations.

    The wines come from 70Ha of vineyards they have been cultivating along several generations. These vineyards are located in La Rioja Alta, so their wines are elaborated from their own vineyards. Both the design of the winery and the engineering of the elaboration process work together so as to elaborate high quality wines.
    Bodegas y Viñedos Martínez Corta decided 50 years ago to devote to the elaboration of high quality wines. Our grandfather and his four sons (one of them our father), were the major the producers in the village of Uruñuela in the 60s and 70s. He owned a small winery, it stored 150.000 litres. It should be highlighted that at that time, the labours in the vineyard were made manually with the only help of mule and simple machinery.

    Wineries and vineyards with tradition

    Our grandfather had an old cellar of 700 m2 which still remain in the property. With the birth of Bodegas Martínez - Cut different machines for the craftsmanship of wine, we are moving to the winery as museum pieces for tourism purposes within our business strategy. Part of the vineyards of our grandfather inherited my father and still maintain today . The result of these vineyards have gathered high quality grapes to dedicate to our more special wine " SOROS " .
    Martínez Corta


    Martínez Corta