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Martínez Corta

Vineyards Martínez Corta have a high heterogeneity , from new plantations 10 years old , its centuries-old vineyards .

Ancient slopes located in the upper area of ​​Uruñuela bordering ashtray at lower situated on the banks of river Najerilla with the people of San Asensio and Torremontalbo areas.

It is a privileged area by the microclimate that is created from the freshness of the North , with winds from the Sierra Cantabria.

The Mediterranean climate is reflected in the humidity generated by the Ebro river , contributing to the unique nuances vineyards, combined with topographic factors , special weather conditions are created with mild winters and warm , dry summers , scoring high in temperature between the day and night at the time of ripening.

The vineyards in this area have sun exposure South and South -West makes a different contribution to our wines character.

The soils are mostly clay - calcareous and poor in organic matter .

All varieties grown are indigenous , dominating the Tempranillo variety of short cycle. This variety is best suited to our climate and altitude (520 m approx )

A high proportion of limestone and abundance of boulder, gravel and alluvial many remnants provide a high drainage furnish complex mineral flavors to the wines.

Vineyards Martínez Corta come from a family of 4th generation .

Vineyard cultivation has remained unchanged by the family since his great-grandfather to his father Félix Martínez . Wisdom and experience that has managed to instill in their children for more than 30 years.


Martínez Corta

“SOROS”. The most special Pago wine of Martínez Corta, also it gives name to our flagship wine of the winery . Located in the lower area of ​​the village next to the Ribera del Najerilla . Oriented vineyard Sierra Cantabria The chalky soil and with a lot of road , little song, that gives us due to mineral components that perform the extraction sexagenarias strains in the deeper layers of our soil .

“RIBA GRANDE”. Pago, the wine highly relevant, also called " sea of ​​vines " (520 meters high and 100 % Tempranillo ), with an area of ​​30 hectares at the time of our great-grandfather , and currently has 40 hectares. Its chalky clay soil give a more fruity personality to our wines.

“CAMPILLO“. Pago variety smaller, (5 hectares ) but no less important for our winery . centuries-old vineyards of Garnacha . Fruit of them , born a project called " Temptation " . Last centuries-old vineyards of Garnacha we are fortunate to cultivate in Martínez Corta, getting fruit , foodies and long-lived wines , resulting in our wine author, who seduces a demanding public and especially women .