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Martínez Corta

Bodegas short Martínez , born of desire , ambition and enthusiasm of a family who is not satisfied with being only grape growers , but also moving their wisdom and experience , they decide to go a step further by producing wines with a character and an address of unique identity .

In a privileged area like the valley under Najerilla ( Uruñuela - Ashtray ) where the family owns several farms , some with old vines , among which are " The Rasilla " , " Matarredo " or " Source Cold " , cot our wine SOROS , mark the path of a brand that continues to reap success .

Under the slogan " vineyards with wisdom and wisdom in the vineyard " , we developed jointly with the latest technology and traditional techniques of the great wineries in Rioja , different wines that have a common objective the constant search for high quality wines , together these parameters to mime a family, born broths that give character to our warehouse and thus give thanks to the earth with name of wine.

Martínez Corta

The elaboration of our wines begins in the vineyard itself. During the months of August and September our oenologist makes different maturation controls.

Before the beginning of the vintage we already know which vineyards are going to be dedicated to each type of wine, Young Red Wine, Author’s Red Wine and Crianza Red Wine.

The alcoholic fermentation is made in stainless steel tanks that can store up to 44000 kg with auto - bomb. This implies that the over pumping carried out during the process of maceration in cold and alcoholic fermentation can be done all along the day and not only in one go.

The tanks have a temperature control system. All the tanks have a system of double shirt to be able to cool or warm the must: for the maceration in cold before the beginning of the alcoholic fermentation or heat application for the malolactic fermentation.

An important and positive characteristic of our winery is that the reception of the grape is made just on the mouth of the stainless steel tanks. (See point 2- Design of the Winery). Hereby the filling of the tanks is made “by gravity” thus avoiding the use of bombs, which is not suitable for the elaboration of high quality wines.

Once the tank is full, macerations of 3 or 4 days are made for a better extraction of aromas and matter colouring. After the alcoholic fermentation, in those tanks in which is needed because the wine is destined to Crianza or Author’s Wine, the process of maceration is also made. Then, the remains of the grapes are taken out of the tanks and the must is now brought to other tanks that can store up to 45.000 litres where the malolactic fermentation takes place. These tanks also have a system of double shirt in case they need heat.

During the whole process of the elaboration, our oenologist makes a number of analyses in order to see how the wine/must is evolving and at the same time other analyses are carried out by the Estación Enológica de Haro. ( Official Organism).